Requesting a Report or Template

When requesting for a report or template to be generated, please ensure you have included the information required below. 

Where/how will the report/template be used
Please indicate where the report will be used, ie. Jobs etc... or whether it is a variation of an existing report. It's always really handy for us to know in which situations the report will be run so we can best identify and provide solutions if we feel the report could be setup better.

What information needs to be displayed
Please provide a listing of which fields will be required to be displayed.
Ie. Job Number, Job Manager, Job Name, Estimate Number, Estimate Name, etc...

A mockup of the report or template
It's important for us to understand how you want the template to look exactly. In particular if the style will differ from that of the templates that ship with Briefcase. If there are no variations to the design we recommend supplying us an excel document with the fields and some lines of sample data. Otherwise if there is a variation in design please mock up, using Photoshop or Illustrator, and supply the final PDF along with the Design files (.ps, .ai or .indd). 

Supply any design assets
There are many different types of design assets that you may want to include in your reports and templates. Whilst we can get these from the .PSD or .AI file, there are certain assets that don't get carried across:

  • Fonts: Please supply all fonts in True Type format. This is required in particular for Windows users as FileMaker only supports True Type.
  • Logos: Please supply a vector format of your logo, outlined if possible, in .eps or .pdf format.
  • Imagery: Please include a high resolution image at the largest size possible. Please keep in mind, low resolution imagery will appear pixelated and blurry when printing.

Supplying the above information will allow us fully understand what is required and speed up the time it will take to create these templates for you. Once your request has been submitted one of our friendly support staff will review the files and come back to you with any questions or the expected timeline for delivery.

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