Connecting to Xero

As of the 30th of September 2021, Xero will end support for the Xero Private Application (oauth1.0a) connection in Briefcase. We already support the newer version so all you will need to do is change your Accounting option in Briefcase from 'Xero Private Application' to 'Xero'.

Note: These changes were brought on by increases in Xero's security policy, and as a result, oauth2.0 only permits apps like access to your Xero accounts for a maximum of 30 minutes. After this point you'll need to disconnect and reconnect to Xero to continue exporting. Unfortunately there is no way around this, and it is a requirement set by Xero.

Navigate to the Settings > Accounting tab and select 'Xero' as the accounting app.


Press the Authorise Button & Login to Xero


If you have access to more than one organisation, you'll need to select the organisation you want to sync with. Once you have, or if you don't have more than one organisation, you'll be able to select the button 'Allow access for 30 minutes'. 


Once you've allowed access you'll be taken back to the Accounting screen and you'll see what time your access to Xero will expire.


At this point you'll be able to continue to export Invoices & Purchase Orders as you have previously. You can do this either in a list view:


Or also within the Purchase Order or the invoice by using the Action menu ☰ and selecting the Export option:


Once your access to Xero expires you will be unable to export to Xero and you will receive errors doing so. Once you press the Disconnect button, you'll be able to press a Connect button and login to continue exporting.


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